HVAC Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Technician?

HVAC Technician in Frankfort:
"Fun, intriguing, constantly changing."
Pros: I like that it isnt monotonous. There is always something new or fun to do or figure out.
Cons: The hours can get pretty crazy with after-hours service calls.

HVAC Technician in Tampa:
"Be prepared to work unexpectedly."
HVAC techs sometimes get called out in the middle of the night and on weekends or from vacations when an urgent call requires their attention (commercial unit out and requires your expertise, sudden heat wave/Arctic front creates urgent work load to keep customers safe from extreme temps, etc). Also, be prepared for customers to recognize you WHEREVER you are. This means great customer service and high customer satisfaction is a MUST, and a quick trip to the grocery will likely always end up taking 20 minutes longer per hour than usual, as satisfied customers tend to talk with you like family when they see you in public.

HVAC Technician in Madison Heights:
"Good fundamentals."
When your are in school try your best to understand the basics and fundamental so you can set a good foundation because u will learn pretty much everything in the field.

HVAC Technician in Houston:
"Not for me."
Pros: Working with my hands and watching my work achieve something.
Cons: The responsibility and liability isn't worth it.

HVAC Technician in Rochester:
Pros: Work Flexibility Culture. Working conditions.
Cons: Slow groth in compensation.

HVAC Technician in Richmond:
Pros: What I like most about my job is that I can be me and it something that I really what to do.
Cons: There is no bad part about my job beside, it time consuming.

HVAC Technician in Salt Lake City:
"I like it a lot better than any other job Ive had."
Pros: The fact that it is a career, not just a job.
Cons: Working outside in the winter time.