HVAC Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Technician?

HVAC Technician in San Jose:
"Lots of traffic and people. Lots of work."
Pros: Pay
Cons: Traffic

HVAC Technician in Melbourne:
"New home hvac."
Pros: The company.
Cons: The pay.

HVAC Technician in Lee's Summit:
"I save energy one building at time."
Pros: Good person, just fun. Cheap cost of living.
Cons: Gravel roads, long lights.

HVAC Technician in Winston-Salem:
"Beware of stress from job."
Don't work for a mom and pop operation. Work for a company that has many technicians there will be better benefits and that doesn't mean health care. Technicians are where the company generates revenue and the better you are the more of an asset you will be. The on call rotation will bring a lot of stress if it's short so find a company that has a long rotation. Strive to be the best tech possible on the whole team.

HVAC Technician in Draper:
"Electrical, wire diagram's."
Ask a lot of questions, there is no stupid question, if can't figure something out call someone in the field they can help over the phone. Electrician ability's is a must have trade or at least willing to learn . Careful giving quotes they become very stressful.

HVAC Technician in Providence:
Pros: Knowing you're getting 40 hours a week is nice.
Cons: Long hours, hot outside, bending over backwards on ladders to make things work, getting paid nothing to do it.

HVAC Technician in Lincoln:
"What licences I need for the area I work in."