Help Desk Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Help Desk Technician?

Help Desk Technician in Paris:
"Job Description."
Pros: I enjoy working "hands-on" with computers and other equipment. Where I work, the IT management does not give unrealistic deadlines or workloads.
Cons: I dislike having to train some workers in technology that should be trivial considering their job.

Help Desk Technician in Longview:
Pros: Working with technology, Casual work environment.
Cons: User relationships/ Office politics.

Help Desk Technician in Seattle:
Pros: I like problem solving and helping clients with their problems.
Cons: The worst part of my job is setting client expectations.

Help Desk Technician in Tucson:
"A lot of experience."
Pros: Exposure to nearly every system, keys to the kingdom, can learn as much as time allows.
Cons: Pay is low, a lot of the same work.

Help Desk Technician in Rockford:
"A new position."
Pros: There is a great deal of variety and room for creativity in a new position where you help your fellow employees.
Cons: In a new position your role and decisions can seem to you to be under sceptical scrutiny to a greater degree than while working in established roles.