Help Desk Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Help Desk Technician?

Help Desk Technician in Nokomis:
"Life on the Help Desk."
Pros: The good parts of working on the Help Desk at Tervis the the shear exposure to technology. It's unlike many other Help Desk's where their typical function is to take calls and delegate to other departments for escalation. We're expected to know the basics of all brances of IT. We're expected to be able to work on Cisco switches and routers and work with our DNS and DHCP servers, to be able to manage windows servers and to stand up new windows servers. It gives people a chance to really learn a lot.
Cons: Due to the minimum expectations of the Help Desk we're also under a lot of pressure to perform at such a high level and to work on such a wide variety of systems. We tend to work more like jr. Admin's in some regards than we do the Help Desk which causes significant stress on the team. When we look at the compensation vs the knowledge, responsibility and and expectation of work required they don't seem to add up.

Help Desk Technician in Piscataway:
Pros: The most thing I like about my job is that I can work remote if I need to.
Cons: None.

Help Desk Technician in Memphis:
"Rather Enjoyable."
Pros: Good business, great boss, opportunities available. Gaining different skill sets.

Help Desk Technician in Columbus:
Pros: Working with great people.

Help Desk Technician in West Hartford:
"Help Desk Review."
Pros: -Casual Dress Atmosphere. -Flexible Schedule. -Location.
Cons: -Low Pay. -Lack of Opportunities. -Cutbacks.

Help Desk Technician in San Diego:
"Software analyst."
Learn to use help desk position as a temporary stepping stone. Think of it like a wooden bridge that your crossing to get to the next level, and below it is a deep dark never ending black hole. Stay on the wooden bridge to long and you would fall straight into that never ending hole. (O_o) Yikes!!! The thought of it!!!

Help Desk Technician in Simsbury:
"Rewarding and challenging."
Pros: New applications and software that make the end users life easier and my job more fluid are extremely fun to work with and learn about. There is always something new.
Cons: Sometimes software doesn't ever warrant being labeled as a finished product.