High School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as a High School Teacher?

High School Teacher in Fresno:
Make sure you have a passion for helping children learn. You must also have a tolerance for working with people who have different views than your own. Everyone you work with will not be as a passionate about their job as you are. This is where the frustration and stress begins. Sometimes, you may feel that your colleagues are undermining you. You have to have a positive way to vent. Please do not take the complaints home with you.

High School Teacher in Rimrock:
"Private versus Public School Teaching."
Private schools offer competitive salaries with a more pleasant and less stressful working environment than public schools.

High School Teacher in Portland:
"Meaningful Job."
Pros: Highly important work and a lot of fun.
Cons: Stressful and packed with worthless bureaucracy.

High School Teacher in Los Angeles:
"It Is Fantastic."
Pros: I love influencing students' lives.
Cons: It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. But it is completely worth it.

High School Teacher in Harrisburg:
"Teacher In Middle America."
Education is a good field but be prepared to face many tough challenges especially at the secondary level. If it is not student malaise, it is lack of parent involvement, administration who fail to back you and a department of education that seems to be making it up as you go along. All the while you are left in the trenches to teach the students. Keep your head up. It is rewarding if you can reach just one student.

High School Teacher in Mayville:
If you are a math of science major forget education.

High School Teacher in Pittsburgh:
"It is a wonderful life."
Be prepared and remain dedicated to the profession.