High School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as a High School Teacher?

High School Teacher in New Britain:
"Everything you learned in college will be outdated in 5 year."
Love change. It is your new lifestyle. Fads will come and go quickly that you will never have a chance to see whether it will help your students or not.

High School Teacher in Murrieta:
Pros: Working with youth. Being a leader. Creativeness.
Cons: Stressful, difficult decisions, deadlines.

High School Teacher in South Boston:
Pros: Interacting with the students, and the food.
Cons: The commute and relatively low pay.

High School Teacher in Tucson:
"Marry rich."
Don't expect any raises that are even equivalent to inflation. Enjoy your time off.

High School Teacher in Sydney:
Learning a new skill and sport if u like. Maths skill and communication skill.

High School Teacher in Phoenix:
"Don't do what you love."
Do something else, not education.

High School Teacher in Santa Monica:
Pros: Great boss/co-workers. Great, motivated students of various backgrounds. Pedagogical freedom. Warm community. Lots of prep time.
Cons: The commute. Requires a lot of extra participation. Sometimes need to finish work from home.