Housekeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in Louisville:
"One house is too demanding with no very good pay I feel."
Pros: I get paid okay sometimes, they leave a lot during the day so no one is in my way to clean, her husband is nice.
Cons: No proper mop for me to use, can only use 'septic safe' things, rely on boss to buy supplies, chemicals boss wants used make me scrub harder, adds extra work every time I'm there, has me redo rooms that were not tidy when I cleaned them, but wants redone after there picked up...expect home to be picked up before I come. Tries to make me run up and down stairs so she can 'clean ahead of me'

Housekeeper in Wheelersburg:
"The Job Is Great But The Pay Is Horrible."
Pros: Cleaning for the residents benefit.
Cons: Not getting a raise after 90 days, no paid vacations for part time, no benefits, no double pay on holidays, lack of respect from upper management, and no chance to move to full time.

Housekeeper in Salem:
"Work Flexibility, Interview Clients, Accept Or Deny Clients."
Pros: I enjoy getting to choose who I work for and how many hours a day to work. I enjoy interviewing new clients, I can take a sick day when needed and reschedule a cleaning job. I have most weekends off, evenings home or volunteering at events.
Cons: No sick pay, no vacation pay, drive time is sometimes annoying.

Housekeeper in Mt. Vernon:
Pros: What I like the most about my job is that I clean my rooms that I am given very well and that I get compliments on how well they are done and how good they smell by the guest that stay there.
Cons: The things that I don't like about my job is that there are some of the other workers that does not do there job very good and get by with stuff and I don't think that is very fair. There is alot of drama that is another thing that I do not like. The other girls talk about all the other ones.

Housekeeper in Denver:
"Great Job But The Job Is Very Physically Demanding."
Pros: The sense of pride you have in your work and even more when other people notice. The responsibility and attention to detail it requires.
Cons: Physically strenuous. Stressful. Not good pay.

Housekeeper in Gary:
"Tress leavel is 7 my responsibilities cleaning patient rooms."
Know what your worth, when looking to choose the field of housekeeping and believe in what you can do.

Housekeeper in Tarentum:
"Lot's of stress."
Go find another job.