Housekeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in Placentia:
Pros: No comment about my job nothing to say about my job why do I have to type so much for an answer what's wrong with you people.
Cons: Same as above can I just get an answere to what my pay scale is why so much garbage about everything mayb this is the wrong way to find out.

Housekeeper in St. Petersburg:
"It's not what I dreamed of doing growing up."
Pros: I work independentally.
Cons: I am at their beck and call. I have no social life because of it. I work nights and weekends and am on call. Extra responsibilities are constantly being added to my job. Eg, ironing, pulling weeds; taking child to the pool and teaching swimming; cleaning grout all throughout house; etc.

Housekeeper in Spencer:
"It helps people."
Pros: Meeting people and helping people.
Cons: The pay is not that good.

Housekeeper in Marion:
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Nothng.

Housekeeper in Harrisburg:
Pros: Work flexibility, office conditions, benefits.
Cons: Attitudes. Staying on feet. Walking.

Housekeeper in Victorville:
Cons: I speak english and supervisor prefers to speak spanish with coworkers.

Housekeeper in Boerne:
Pros: Being around people , fun , pride.
Cons: Lack of help when other employees do not show up to work.