Housekeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in Marion:
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Nothng.

Housekeeper in Harrisburg:
Pros: Work flexibility, office conditions, benefits.
Cons: Attitudes. Staying on feet. Walking.

Housekeeper in Victorville:
Cons: I speak english and supervisor prefers to speak spanish with coworkers.

Housekeeper in Boerne:
Pros: Being around people , fun , pride.
Cons: Lack of help when other employees do not show up to work.

Housekeeper in Ambler:
"Boring Work."
Pros: Flexibility and Autonomy.
Cons: Manual Labor, bending and lifting constant.

Housekeeper in Van Buren:
"We had things paid for but in4 year span no more holiday."
Stay away.

Housekeeper in Philadelphia:
Pros: Opportunity to grow beyond current position.
Cons: The complications of trying to climb the "job" ladder.