Human Resources (HR) Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Specialist?

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Springfield:
"Multiple hat-wearer."
Pros: I love having multiple responsibilities: onboarding, processing payroll, maintaining employee benefits, preparing invoices for accounts payable, etc.
Cons: I am regularly adding new responsibilities with no increase in pay.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Anniston:
"HR specialist for Cheaha Regional Head Start."
Pros: I have my own office and can work in solitude.
Cons: Unequal compensation based on education and job description.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Lanham:
"Over-worked, Under-paid."
Pros: Helping qualified candidates find meaningful employment; assisting in the career development of employees.
Cons: Overwhelming job duties with no help; unrealistic deadlines.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in San Diego:
"Check Payscale Worth."
Know your worth and compare pay scale with other job markets.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Burbank:
"Seek Growth Oppportunity."
Maintain knowledge of all State & Federal Regulations. Join a HR Association. Constantly learn.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Nashville:
Pros: The benefits and flexibility offered.
Cons: The rush of the peak season right around the holiday season. I have to work most of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Honolulu:
"Strengthening human capital is a competitive advantage."
To excel in this position, one must be able to balance the need to take care of the Company and its employees. Maintain an unbiased outlook when determining the correct way to solve a situation. The incumbent must have a strong understanding of diversity and ability to communicate accordingly. One must also have a strong knowledge of employment laws, its interpretation and implementation.