Human Resources (HR) Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Specialist?

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Springfield:
"I Wear Multiple Hats in HR."
Pros: I enjoy having multiple tasks: processing payroll, assist in onboarding, maintain employee benefits, prepare invoices for accounts payable, help with compliance auditing, assistant to the CEO, social media director, order supplies, and work part-time as a teller.
Cons: I feel that I am constantly taking on new projects and responsibilities but am not seeing an increase in pay.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Anniston:
"HR specialist for Cheaha Regional Head Start."
Pros: I have my own office and can work in solitude.
Cons: Unequal compensation based on education and job description.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Lanham:
"Over-worked, Under-paid."
Pros: Helping qualified candidates find meaningful employment; assisting in the career development of employees.
Cons: Overwhelming job duties with no help; unrealistic deadlines.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Nashville:
Pros: The benefits and flexibility offered.
Cons: The rush of the peak season right around the holiday season. I have to work most of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Las Vegas:
"Variety Of Daily Work Loads Which Makes My Job Very Exciting."
Pros: I am able to help the community by doing volunteer work.
Cons: The pay is a little on the low end and the corporate restrains when it comes to planned activities.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Louisville:
"Not For The Weak."
Pros: Ability to position yourself in helping others on items that truly matter.
Cons: Corporate greed affects our ability to enhance the business in employee relations.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Columbia:
"Love HR."
Pros: I get to help bridge the gap between employees and management! I like being able to see both sides.
Cons: I haven't found much bad yet. It's difficult to deliver not so good news, but it must be done!