Human Resources (HR) Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Specialist?

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Sarasota:
Pros: Commute, surrounding area, positive coworkers.
Cons: Cost of living is high compared to compensation.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Halethorpe:
"Exhausting and not managed well."
Pros: I love working as an HR specialist.
Cons: We're not trained well as our manager doesn't understand her job enough to explain. Our manager is very unorganized and chaotic. This person is amazing as a person, just not great to work under.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Denver:
Cons: Traffic and too many people.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in McAlester:
"Human Resources."
Do the best you can with what the resources you have. Keep everything confidential. Treat everyone the same, do not play favorites.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Red Bluff:
"Gain an Education."
Always ask about continuing education opportunities.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in New York:
"Meeting different people."
Pros: The city has various opportunities.
Cons: The commute is extremely long from my current location.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist in Durand:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I love working with people good and bad. There are always bad parts to HR and I don't mind that. I truly love the interaction with employees and helping them with what they need. I also do mostly the recruiting for the company I work for and love when we find a candidate perfect for the jobs we are hiring for!
Cons: There is not balance in our pay scale at all. We have grown so fast and merged over that last several years and the payscale is all over the place . Feel that I am being underpaid for being young.