Information Technology (IT) Consultant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Consultant?

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Chicago:
"It's okay."
Pros: Positive work/life balance, opportunity to work for a smaller company and wear multiple hats, minimal hierarchy, ownership over initiatives.
Cons: The work itself is not always very interesting, compensated a decent amount however not much opportunity to make any real money.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Millington:
Pros: Working with the public.
Cons: Getting overwhelemd.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in New York:
Pros: Learning new things on the job. Challenged everyday. Smart coworkers.
Cons: Disconnect with management goals and team goals.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Santa Clara:
Pros: Varied Management types. Huge company with a big workforce.
Cons: Low Payscale. Huge company with a big workforce so benefits reduces and appraisal becomes nightmare.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in San Francisco:
Pros: Challenging, interesting, rewarding, complex problem solving.
Cons: Stressful.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in New York:
"Travelling problem solver."
Pros: Dealing with multiple projects, fast paced, interesting work, travel.
Cons: Stress, dealing with multiple clients, deadlines.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Greenfield:
"Internships off campus are very necessary."
Temp agency is a great way to get experience and keep our skills relative but remember you will be paid 1/3 of what they are billing the company so if they are small your time there will be short as costs over run how bad they need you. Internship is the best way to get the experience you so desperately need and the possibility for a full time position.