Information Technology (IT) Consultant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Consultant?

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Naperville:
"Same thing over and over again."
Pros: I get to work from home and travel frequently.
Cons: It's very boring and repetative.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in New York:
"High cost of living but lots to do."
Pros: Great food, restaurants, people.
Cons: Everything is expensive, noisy, crowded.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in New York:
"Fun yet expensive city."
Pros: The culture in New york is great, there is always something to do.
Cons: The cost of living in New York is high.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Chicago:
"Boring and Stressful All at once."
Pros: Can decide when best to take my lunch.
Cons: People look down on you even though they're job relies on you. Stressful sudden issues can ruin your entire week. The pay is low.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Aberdeen:
"Work Flexibility, Coporate Culture, The Management."
Pros: - Leaders Understands Family in almost all situations. - Leaders ensure hardworking personnel are always on a contract. - Leaders ensure the future is bright for upcoming leaders. - Leaders ensure proposals are consistently being done to improve differ
Cons: Health care system - it can be better. Vacation time is not great. We have no sick leave separate of vacation time. Reimbursement for over 50 miles of travel is not a likeable system in many cases.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in San Antonio:
"Always Build Towards the Next Job."
Keep up with new developments; continue taking courses; be active in user groups.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Philadelphia:
"Client Facing."
Pros: Good culture and good benefits. Ability to work from home on occasions.
Cons: Boring work, and expensive neighborhood that is also not the best.