Information Technology (IT) Consultant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Consultant?

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Waverly:
"Underdeveloped city, but nice and clam place to live."
Pros: warm and very welcoming people
Cons: very under developed city, requires lot of travel to maintain decent life

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Raleigh-Durham:
"Lots of tech minded people."
Pros: Little bit of everything. Fiber internet. Short drive to most places.
Cons: Traffic :(

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Hillsborough:
Pros: Its a peaceful place and calm environment. The commute is great and people are nice.
Cons: Less aggressive professionally

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in New York:
"It’s fun."
Pros: The fact that it is always constantly changing.
Cons: Waiting

Information Technology (IT) Consultant:
Not recommended for people who are very ambitious and looking to grow fast. Highly political environment, management is very conservative in terms of every thing, they steal people’s hard work and don’t pay enough to employees this is just to make sure they maintain very high margin so that they get paid well that is more than 100% variable for themselves which shows they have decade old mentality and culture.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Washington:
"City culture."
Pros: The diversity in all aspects, culture, education, experiences is awesome.
Cons: The traffic, the competitive nature of life.

Information Technology (IT) Consultant in Kansas City:
"Amazing travel opportunities."
Pros: The travel and satisfaction of training and helping others.
Cons: Contract work, being paid only when working, not full time work,