Information Technology (IT) Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Director?

Information Technology (IT) Director in New York:
"Underpromise; Over-Deliver."
Focus early on setting expectations among team members, especially as IT becomes even more central to all aspects of the work environment. Find one (1) or two (2) projects that are easily accomplished, highly visible, and relatively important -- low-hanging fruit -- and achieve them in the first 90-120 days. Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help -- in fact, budget for professional services and consulting.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Boca Raton:
"Learn to listen your managed team."
Don't take anything for granted.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Fayetteville:
Pros: Helping people get what they need to do a good job for their students and their research.
Cons: High stress, untenable workload, competing priorities.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Dallas:
"Enjoy helping others with technology."
Be ready to hit the ground running.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Peterborough:
"Show what you can."
Don't just do what is in your description. Take it to the next level.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Raleigh:
"Rigors of being on time, call/ticket evaluations, micro-mgmt."
To expect the worst and hope for the best, if you arrive on time you're late, and to always give 150% even before/after work hours and weekends.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Los Angeles:
"Be ready to wear lot of hats."
As IT Director of a SMB corporation, be ready to play multiple roles in your company. The key is as you take on multiple roles try find people who can work in your department and eventually take on the roles you acquire during the tenure. If you don't do that, you'll eventually stop growing and will be stuck with day to day repetitive tasks.