Information Technology (IT) Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Director?

Information Technology (IT) Director in Overland Park:
"Does your employer value your services?"
Be sure that your employer values IT at the level you are comfortable. You don't want to be viewed as a "necessary evil" but as a part of the strategic planning for the future of the entity you are employed by.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Ridgeland:
"The amount of paperwork and contract review involved."
Focus on project management and dont micro-manage. Trust your employees to make some of their own judgement calls and let them know you are always willing to discuss any issue with them. Also communicate regularly with other department leaders to make sure IT is providing the tools to make each department as productive as possible.

Information Technology (IT) Director in New York:
"You need to know everything."
Learn everything you can about how every facet of the business operates. In order to be successful you must provide solutions with real bottom-line impact to executives who do not want to know anything about the details. Phrase everything in terms of business benefit and never (visibly) do anything for the sake of technological purity.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Morton Grove:
"Be passionate, creative, and data driven."
Do not be afraid to think differently and break traditional IT molds. Be passionate about your work, drive creativity, and use data to show the value of your accomplishments.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Houston:
"Be technological not device buyer."
Be structured mind problem solver, do not impose solutions that do not meet company goals.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Seattle:
"Develop your people."
Focus on Strategy, Operation Excellence, and People Development.

Information Technology (IT) Director in West Palm Beach:
"Executives Already Know The Answer To Their Own Question."
Tell the truth. 90% of all Executives know the answer to their own questions.