Information Technology (IT) Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Manager?

Information Technology (IT) Manager in San Juan:
"Don't get stuck in Government and it's nonsense policies."
If you care more about delivering quality software products than office, organizational and government politics with a consciousness for a separate IT budget the stay away from a government organization.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Durham:
"I think I am grossly underpaid."
Pros: Schedule.
Cons: Pay. Public perception. No perks. Organizational structure.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Idaho Falls:
"Good atmosphere, lots of work."
Pros: I like that I get to perform many varying types of tasks. The atmosphere at work is very nice.
Cons: When all three locations want my attention at once things get stressful.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Boise:
"Great if you get the right one."
Pros: I love having flexibility to do my own thing and make decisions. I get challenged everyday and researching new technologies and implementing them is amazing and fun.
Cons: You really need to make sure that when you start as an IT manager with a company that has no prior IT personnel, that you lay down the ground rules out of the gate, that you have specific networking tasks that you need to follow. If you go doing extra stuff that has nothing to do with your degree, then you will not have enough time to do what you are supposed to do. Networking and security is you first priority, don't lose sight of that. You are more than just "the IT guy" that someone can call upon when they have a stupid question about Google earth or excel.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in St. Petersburg:
"Good leaders can follow too."
Seek to understand and solve important problems. Remain visible.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Charlotte:
"Be Yourself and Be Creative."
If work is not a challenge, it's not worth it. Stay positive. Invest in yourself and others. Be kind.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Austin:
"PC Repair, Desktop Support."
Study your environment, learn the basis of the network first.