Information Technology (IT) Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Manager?

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Phoenix:
"Get More Certs."
Be less friendly with employees.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Norridge:
"Question Everything."
1. Set clear goals and set clear standards for your team. (AND address an employee who isn't meeting a high bar immediately.) 2. Think about what your team shouldn't be spending time on. 3. Look for trouble. (Know that you're going to have to fire/layoff people, but treat people with compassion) 4. You can't give enough SINCERE positive feedback. (employees will sense the sincere part)

Information Technology (IT) Manager in San Benito:
"Learn as much as possible."
Take the time to research new technology as part of your work routine. Make it mandatory.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in San Benito:
"Learn as much as possible."
Research new technologies as part of your daily work routine. Make it high priority.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Houston:
"Make a difference."
Pros: Help to improve speed and accuracy of the day to day tasks, helping to improve time to answer customer therefore customer satisfaction.
Cons: Lack of empowerment. No future growth perspective.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in New York:
"Ask questions."
You have three jobs: the job you are paid to do, constantly surveying the field, and predicting what you will need to be doing in 3 years.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Houston:
"Progressive IT Department with cutting edge technology."
Be prepared for a stress free position, where you control your day. You do have occasional meetings, but typically not back to back. You will have free reign as to what you do and how you do it.