Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist?

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Gretna:
"A Truly Thankless Job."
Pros: I get to do what I love in terms of computers and technology.
Cons: You don't really exist until something goes wrong. I don't care for the overall culture at my job.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Spokane:
"Its a great job!"
Pros: Its amazing, I love it.
Cons: Underpaid.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in San Diego:
"Excellent Job Position for Entry Into the IT Industry."
Pros: Provide second level technical support to both on-site and remote users. Responsible for imaging PCs. Installing and/or troubleshooting software updates. Knowledgeable in desktop and laptop computer hardware. Knowledge of Windows 7 operating system. Knowledgeable with Office 2007. Knowledge of virus/malware removal software and procedures Competencies.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Jacksonville:
"I wish I knew what I was exactly doing."

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Winston-Salem:
"I've already come this far."
The field is shrinking, network security is probably a better bet. As I was entering the field, I could already see the signs that companies are doing away with in-house technical professionals in favor of using a technical service that would serve remotely. I have not seen a company where this model does well, but that is the current trend. Network Security is a better bet right now and, although my latest associate degree is in networking technologies, I am taking the rougher road and trying to stick to information technology support specialist. Good luck, you'll need it.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Lake Worth:
Pros: The flexibility and stress-free job environment.
Cons: Not much communication about future improvements.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Burlington:
"Passionately earned experience far outweighs any degree you."
Test yourself against everything that interests you in IT. Finding the path that fulfills you most comes easier when you know where you don't want to go. IT is so widely diversified these days, and having a Swiss Army knife set of skills will open opportunities that were not present 10 years ago.