Inside Sales Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Inside Sales Representative?

Inside Sales Representative in Grand Rapids:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: I love talking with people and discussing their achievements. The conversation is always positive, because hey, you just won a championship! I love the people that I work with and the work environment is extremely positive at all times. Very easy to get up to come to work.
Cons: The amount of work that I have to put in for the minimal amount of return compared to the other sales guys.

Inside Sales Representative in Stallings:
"That's I would be responsible for sales."
Find out all job details beforehand. You can very easily be told you have one responsibility but actually have more than you bargained for.

Inside Sales Representative in Alexandria:
"Take time to de-stress."
Sales is one of the toughest careeres mentally. Make sure you're taking time to keep yourself healthy. Work out, eat right, and you will be better at your job.

Inside Sales Representative in Chicago:
Pros: I love the product that I sell.
Cons: I do not feel like I make enough money.

Inside Sales Representative in St. Paul:
Pros: Helping customers solve their problems.
Cons: I feel like I am underpaid. HavHaving to deal with counter business.

Inside Sales Representative in Laguna Hills:
"Product knowledge sells."
People do business with people. Be an excellent listener. Communication is key.

Inside Sales Representative in Evansville:
Pros: I don't get micromanaged because I am about to manage my own territory the way I feel is best for my sales and accounts.
Cons: My job could easily be done from home, but we are not given the opportunity so I drive 70mins to work one way daily. I also work for a manager who does absolutely nothing for our entire department.