Inside Sales Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Inside Sales Representative?

Inside Sales Representative in Homosassa:
Pros: The company is good and does not require a lot of stress.
Cons: None, The company is pretty good and does not require a lot of stress.

Inside Sales Representative in Portland:
"Square Peg in a round hole."
Pros: Contact with customers and telling them about products that excite me.
Cons: Horrible culture to work in.

Inside Sales Representative in Seattle:
"Feeding the corporate cow."
Pros: The people I work with, the free lunch and breakfast, the challenge of selling a complex product.
Cons: No training, poor benefits, no flex time/WFH, poor management, poor vision.

Inside Sales Representative in San Antonio:
Pros: The earning potential and benefits.
Cons: Stressful and favoritism.

Inside Sales Representative in Chico:
"Good Starting Job."
Pros: The people there are the best part. We also get a lot of "swag" like shirts and cups.
Cons: Management doesn't know what they're doing. Constant change of plans with the company.

Inside Sales Representative in Dallas:
"Work flex."
Pros: Laid back, very good in work flexibility and providing days we need off.
Cons: Stress level, management, office conditions.

Inside Sales Representative in Los Angeles:
"Love It."
Pros: I like building relationships with the prospect, you can always call them back even if they don't buy your product.
Cons: When I don't close a deal.