Inside Sales Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Inside Sales Representative?

Inside Sales Representative in Santa Clara:
"Inside Sales, Administrative Assistant, And Sales Rep."
Pros: Variety of the job, chances to grow, treat employees well.
Cons: Sometimes people are hard to work with.

Inside Sales Representative in Sun Valley:
Pros: The knowledge I pick up while helping customers with their problems in the HVAC industry. I like understanding why and how things work and this job has helped me understand refrigeration and air conditioning.
Cons: I don't like that the company has no room for advancement as it reached it's cap in employment and any hard work goes by unnoticed for very extended periods of time.

Inside Sales Representative in Piqua:
"Self Motivate To Succeed."
Pros: Personal discretion to handle complex situations.
Cons: Employer doesn't offer many incentives to increase sales.

Inside Sales Representative in Bellevue:
"Culture Is Good."
Pros: I really like the fact that we can do what we want during the work day.
Cons: Not stable, hard to raise a family with the pay changing so often.

Inside Sales Representative in Summerville:
Pros: I love building boats and going to boat shows. Dealing with customers and dealers.
Cons: I feel many do not find my job to be important. Not appreciated.