Inside Sales Representative Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Inside Sales Representative?

Inside Sales Representative in Concord:
"Great commute."
Pros: Easy to get to

Inside Sales Representative in New York:
"Under Paid and Over Worked."
Pros: Being able to say I work in New York
Cons: The job opportunities are slim and the pay does not help with cost of living. You are barely surviving on one salary alone.

Inside Sales Representative in Chicago:
"Boom or Bust."
Pros: There is ALWAYS work.
Cons: Cost of living is too expensive.

Inside Sales Representative in Yazoo City:
"Working life in Yazoo City, MS."
Pros: Small town, everyone knows everyone, close knit community, and access to many of the Dealers we sell to, and the farmers who use are products.
Cons: Limited schools, social life, and fewer and fewer business are surviving difficult economic circumstances.

Inside Sales Representative:
Absolutely miserable. If you enjoy a bunch of under-educated and untrained people calling the shots that determine your day to day activities, this might be right for you. They lobbied against a homeless shelter in San Diego...

Inside Sales Representative in Orange County:
"Underpaid Wine Sales Rep."
Pros: View of PCH
Cons: Big commute

Inside Sales Representative in Houston:
"High activity."
Pros: all of the opportunity
Cons: traffic