Interior Designer Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in Irvine:
"Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions or Make Suggestions."
Try hard; do your best; do things other people won't; don't give up.

Interior Designer in Salt Lake City:
"Selling Strategies."
Be more friendly and social with new people even if it feels fake and uncomfortable.

Interior Designer in Harrisburg:
Have an eye for detail and be prepared.

Interior Designer in New York:
"NYC Interior Designer."
Pros: I work with a wonderful core team of people. The projects are exciting and engaging, and in many cases, I am involved in work that far surpasses the typical duties of an interior designer.
Cons: I feel overworked in many instances. I do not feel I am compensated appropriately for the additional work and projects I take on. Lack of sufficient paid vacation. Salaries are stagnant.

Interior Designer in San Diego:
"Standards Operating Procedures."
Every company should have standards and procedures on how to do things in order to have uniformity and understandably - especially within the design industry where the scale of each project vary from one another. Administrative Forms, CAD templates, Specification / Cut sheets, Design presentations, etc., should already be standardized depending on the project scale or type. This would- not only save countless hours on end but also dedicate valuable time elsewhere. PROPER TRAINING. All companies SHOULD afford the time and effort to, not only properly train each candidate, but to SUFFICIENTLY do so.

Interior Designer in Joplin:
"Starting out as an interior designer."
Seek out mentorship in other interior designers and network as much as you can. Also, know your design programs and utilizing them and learn how to practice hand illustration.

Interior Designer in Lynden:
"Creative, changing challenging."
Pros: I like the level of creativity. I enjoy traveling for work and the relationships built with vendors and reps. There are events and trade shows that are rewarding and fun. My hours are flexible, the company culture is good.
Cons: There is a lot of process work for each job. The selection and review process can be endless. The client dictates so much of the outcome it's easy to loose your design intent. Can put in 65 hours weeks in a row.