Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in Columbia:
Pros: I get to be an artist. Great team. I always have a lot to do.
Cons: I have to majorly multi task into different positions that I hold, creating distractions. I don't feel that I get paid enough for what I'm putting in/capable of doing.

Interior Designer in Miami:
"It is a very pleasant and fast pass environment."
Pros: Working as interior designer has its perks. You get the chance to transform people's life by helping them design the house of their dreams or by designing a very pleasant place to stay for people from all around the world. If you like fashion and are a trendy person you get the chance to experience it at work too.
Cons: The bad side of the job is that sometimes it can become very stressful and if you are working in an environment that doesn't help it can get worse. But this may happen in many other types of jobs.

Interior Designer in San Diego:
"Interior Design culture."
Pros: Creativity, opportunity for travel.
Cons: Starting low salary, deadlines are stressful.

Interior Designer in New York:
"NYC Interior Designer."
Pros: I work with a wonderful core team of people. The projects are exciting and engaging, and in many cases, I am involved in work that far surpasses the typical duties of an interior designer.
Cons: I feel overworked in many instances. I do not feel I am compensated appropriately for the additional work and projects I take on. Lack of sufficient paid vacation. Salaries are stagnant.

Interior Designer in Lynden:
"Creative, changing challenging."
Pros: I like the level of creativity. I enjoy traveling for work and the relationships built with vendors and reps. There are events and trade shows that are rewarding and fun. My hours are flexible, the company culture is good.
Cons: There is a lot of process work for each job. The selection and review process can be endless. The client dictates so much of the outcome it's easy to loose your design intent. Can put in 65 hours weeks in a row.

Interior Designer in Los Angeles:
"Being creative without baunderies while you learn constant."
Pros: The freedom it gives me. I can choose my own hours, but also the way I work I can choose. You have to push yourself constantly cause it's a business that changes all the time, so you have to learn constantly. Because it is related to so many other fields you learn a lot about many different things in life. It is my job, but at the same time it is my passion as well, so it feels very natural for me being an interior designer.
Cons: The insecurity. You never know if you'll find new clients and projects. It can get very lonely as well. But at the same time I got used to it and I like it now. But sometimes you need advice and it's hard when it's just yourself.

Interior Designer in Pittsburgh:
Pros: There is a lot of variety in my day.
Cons: Administrative minutia bogging down design.