Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in Columbus:
"Every day is different."
Pros: The culture in our office is unlike any other.
Cons: There are things that are swept under the rug.

Interior Designer in Springfield:
"A job in residential design."
Pros: I have the opportunity to make people love their homes again.

Interior Designer in Mumbai:
Pros: My skill ,in interior designenr.
Cons: Very important job timeing.very bad.

Interior Designer in Columbia:
Pros: I get to be an artist. Great team. I always have a lot to do.
Cons: I have to majorly multi task into different positions that I hold, creating distractions. I don't feel that I get paid enough for what I'm putting in/capable of doing.

Interior Designer in Miami:
"It is a very pleasant and fast pass environment."
Pros: Working as interior designer has its perks. You get the chance to transform people's life by helping them design the house of their dreams or by designing a very pleasant place to stay for people from all around the world. If you like fashion and are a trendy person you get the chance to experience it at work too.
Cons: The bad side of the job is that sometimes it can become very stressful and if you are working in an environment that doesn't help it can get worse. But this may happen in many other types of jobs.

Interior Designer in San Diego:
"Interior Design culture."
Pros: Creativity, opportunity for travel.
Cons: Starting low salary, deadlines are stressful.

Interior Designer in Newport Beach:
"Do things other people won't do or don't think of."
Don't give up - the pay is low at the begining, but it does get better with hard work.