Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in Houston:
"Fast paced driven field of work. Multi tasking is a must."
Pros: Creating healthier environments for people to enjoy as well as educating the client on sustainable practices.
Cons: The cut throat budgeting to compete with Chinese prices for manufacturing furniture/fabric/lighting.

Interior Designer in Delhi:
"Its a pride to work and named a INTERIOR DESIGNER."
Pros: Its creative imaginative little hectic stressful sometime but still love to see our end product our hardwork.
Cons: It has no time limit.

Interior Designer in Denver:
"Increasingly Interactive And Technical."
Pros: Continual exposure to ever changing technology, ability to create your own path of specialty whether it be renderings, space planning, detailing, construction documents or a mix of all. I enjoy the creative people I work with and the design process. It's fun to see where you started and where you end up on each idea, each process, and each project.
Cons: The management can be tough, the hours can be unforgiving, the pay is typically lower that expected/desired. Lots of time sitting at a computer. Though a creative industry, depending on your firm size and management type you may never really get to push your own creative ideas out the door. That is the most depressing thing when you are a highly creative person.

Interior Designer in Scottsdale:
"So Far, So Good."
Pros: I love the atmosphere, I love working in a field I'm passionate about, I love the constant opportunity to learn. I love the creativity.
Cons: The pay.

Interior Designer in Anchorage:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Employees, flexible schedule, project opportunities, CEU opportunities, office conditions, variety of new projects and challenges, no day is exactly the same,
Cons: Below average pay, some management, CEU opportunities have been lowered, not enough opportunities to move up in the company, no raises for inflation, no bonuses.