Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in West Palm Beach, Florida:
"Active and busy."
Pros: Diverse projects and growth
Cons: Politics

Interior Designer in Seattle, WA:
"Gritty, but the coffee's good."
Pros: Ah, Seattle. It's a love/hate relationship for me - I want to like it. The people are great. The shops are good. The food and coffee are tasty and those late summer / early fall days can't be beat. It's a pretty city with a good heart.
Cons: Seattle - get your act together and do something to counter the drug problem and actually help the homeless population. I've seen two dead from an overdoes, countless numbers of people shooting up on the streets, and dodged enough used needles and human waste to force me to permanently retire any open-toed shoes.

Interior Designer in Houston, Texas:
"Diverse community."
Pros: Opportunities are endless
Cons: Traffic

Interior Designer in San Francisco, California:
"It’s hard to find a position that pays well."
Pros: Culture
Cons: The high cost of living

Interior Designer in New York:
"Interior designe manager."
Pros: City and close to my fiancé
Cons: Experience

Interior Designer in Sarasota:
Stay organized and be a self starter