Interior Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Interior Designer?

Interior Designer in White Plains:
"Life changing experince."
Pros: 1. Being able to develop and create spaces that allow others to work better and live better. 2. Never the same project, never boring. 3. Different settings for work. 4. Expand your list of colleagues and contacts.
Cons: 1. Designers are not often appreciated, some tend to believe is not a profession.

Interior Designer in Chicago:
"Evaluating the window treatment industry."
Pros: High activity metropolitan area that offers great restaurants and various entertainment outlets.
Cons: Traffic congestion and high parking rates in the city.

Interior Designer in Pittsburgh:
"The job is very stressful and sometimes requires long hours."
To be successful you must be extremely organized.

Interior Designer in Olathe:
Pros: I like the casual atmosphere, laid back vibe, understanding boss.
Cons: Not enough direction on wants for the position and company. Changing ideas, not consistent.

Interior Designer in Charlotte:
"City culture, cost of living, local craft breweries, shops."
Pros: City culture, cost of living, local craft breweries, shops, sub-neighborhoods close to downtown, trees, walkability.
Cons: Commute, city taxes.

Interior Designer in San Diego:
Pros: Coworkers support each other and offer help when needed. Creative field to work in.
Cons: Owner does not understand the importance of continuing education and staying relevant in the field. Owner does not provide updated or in any way ergonomic working conditions for long hours at a desk.

Interior Designer in Johannesburg:
"Amazing to see all your work displayed to the public."
Pros: The last minute details on the finished products and rendering.
Cons: I want able to get out the office more abd visit more sites.