Intern Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Intern Architect?

Intern Architect in Delmar:
Pros: I get to do architecture. And travel.
Cons: It is stressful and clients can be mean.

Intern Architect in Charlotte:
Pros: Great hours, great people to work with, great benefits.
Cons: I am not able to peruse other project types and design work is limited.

Intern Architect in West Des Moines:
Pros: I like that we have a lot of work, and that I'm allowed to do my work without much supervision. I'm allowed to design a little when the opportunity arises. The work environment is pleasant, and understanding to family schedules. The flexible hours are a nice benefit for my life outside of work. The consultations are a nice experience for working with the client face to face, outside of our office, and with some of the main decision makers for our projects.
Cons: Maybe that, there's always a set of tasks or work that needs to be done, and you're working full board pedal to the metal, and often with some extra hours, and once it's done, there's a new set of tasks or work that's waiting to be taken on full steam ahead. There's no break, and it feels like that my work isn't perceived any differently if I've done extra work/hours to make sure that my work is done thoroughly, correctly, and diligently as opposed to putting in the minimum hours and having done my work in a more haphazard manner. Also, my work is pretty construction document production heavy, and a little more variety would be nice.

Intern Architect in Seattle:
"Management progression."
Pros: I like that this job has so many pieces to it that you mind doesn't have to be stuck on one thing day after day.
Cons: It seems like I got a giant education but am not getting paid as much as other professions with the same level of education.

Intern Architect in Greenville:
Pros: The creativity and problem solving.
Cons: Dealing with entitled clients who are obnoxious.

Intern Architect in Biloxi:
"Very rewarding and challenging."
Pros: Task are varied and every day is different.

Intern Architect in Cambridge:
"Experiences Help to Learn and Still Considered Payment."
Pros: Working with a good group of people that you can be yourself around and also offer their knowledge to help you progress is what I like most about my career.
Cons: The commute and pay structure.