Intern Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Intern Architect?

Intern Architect in Cambridge:
"Experiences Help to Learn and Still Considered Payment."
Pros: Working with a good group of people that you can be yourself around and also offer their knowledge to help you progress is what I like most about my career.
Cons: The commute and pay structure.

Intern Architect in Florida:
"I really like learnibg what The field has to teach."
Pros: Dealing with new problems everyday, and being able to solve them.
Cons: Might be too much material sometimes but it's not that bad.

Intern Architect in Lafayette:
Pros: My schedule is extremely flexible, and I'm working on small intimate projects, which is fun.
Cons: The work is inconsistent, because he/she doesn't work full time. I also feel I am under-compensated when I do similar work and work at a similar speed for an "architect" without a license who pays his or herself 7-8 times my hourly rate. I am only able to earn IDP hours because he/she has a contractor's license.

Intern Architect in Muskegon:
"Overworked Late Nights with high Stress Deadlines."
Pros: Training, Career development, interesting projects.
Cons: Too many late nights and long hours with no overtime pay.

Intern Architect in Muskegon:
"Overworked, Lots of Stress."
Pros: Flexible schedule, training.
Cons: High work load, long hours, lots of weekend and late night work.

Intern Architect in Fort Lauderdale:
"For the first couple of years, you learn everything new."
Pros: My favorite part about the job is seeing my designs take shape as they are being built as well as still learn something new every day.
Cons: The element I like least about my job is that, as an architect, one works to make others rich until one has their own license. Unfortunately, on top of having to pay off exuberant student loans, one gets paid very little until one has the license and, the license is very expensive and time-consuming to obtain.

Intern Architect in Galveston:
Pros: I enjoy designing, interacting with clients, and being out on the job site with the project managers and contractors. I enjoy the flexibility to work on my own and prioritize my projects.
Cons: I dislike being too trapped in the details to be able to experience the big picture of the design.