Intern Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Intern Architect?

Intern Architect in Chicago:
"Fantastic in the summer, challenging in the winter."
Pros: Connectivity within the industry and across the city.
Cons: The winter, some less progressive mindsets.

Intern Architect in Pittsburgh:
"A Grey City with a Bright Outlook."
Pros: The place is always growing and the city is evolving quickly.
Cons: Some of the people are stuck in the past and not looking towards the future. There are individuals that are afraid of the changes that are happening.

Intern Architect in Seattle:
Pros: The owners are very dedicated to their work. The do say they care a lot. I have flexible hours within reason. A variety of work is available. They are open to suggestions.
Cons: Tension is high in the office due to some personalities. Respect is stated that it is given but hard to see from day to day. The interoffice positivity is low.