Kitchen Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Kitchen Manager?

Kitchen Manager in Lexington:
"Attitudes Are Contagious Is Yours Worth Catching."
Don't take short cuts, You must Walk the talk. Lead By Example, Don't assume your kitchen crew knows what you're working on, Talk about them, Challenge yourself and your team be A Listener, Coach the behavior, Be visible..Set shift goals as well as weekly goals to achieve quick, and long-term results....

Kitchen Manager in Frederick:
Pros: Some of the co workers I like, that's it.
Cons: I am over worked and underpaid, I control everything in the kitchen. I also run the kitchen line by myself, prep all stations, and do dishes.

Kitchen Manager in Eustis:
"Heads Up!"
I would tell you that if you can't handle a high stress situation this would not be the job for you. Keep your composure and set a good example for all employees. Listen to what your employees have to say and they're ideas. Tell them they do a good job when they do and to keep up the good work. If they do something wrong let them know in a professional level.

Kitchen Manager in Canton:
Pros: Learning new things.
Cons: Bad employees.

Kitchen Manager in Milwaukee:
"Work with others."
You must work well with others and put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Kitchen Manager in Fort Collins:
"Don't expect help."
Be very organized, treat people well, have a plan for every day, and train your staff well.

Kitchen Manager in San Diego:
"Poor behavior by the owner."
She believes that it is ok to force her employees to work through breaks and call them stupid and yell when they make mistakes. After 8 - 10 hours without a break, food or water, any one can make a mistake. Her idea of leadership is to berate and strike fear into her employees. She terrifies them and though she thinks this will reduce mistakes, it only causes employees to avoid any job that might have a possibility of a mistake. Keep track of all illegal offenses.