Kitchen Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Kitchen Manager?

Kitchen Manager in Charleston:
"Amount paid and raises."
Make sure you get paid for the job

Kitchen Manager in Wilmington:
"Bad boss, bad job."
Pros: Amazing location. Great locals. Decent weather.
Cons: Tourists. Negligent/apathetic bosses. Selfish/entitled mentality. Summer traffic.

Kitchen Manager in Port Orange:
Pros: People in the area are very friendly.
Cons: The hours, I have to work extremely long hours.

Kitchen Manager in Suwanee:
"As a kitchen manager you control all aspects of the kitchen."
Pros: That I am able to create an environment and product that is satisfactory to guest and employees.
Cons: When you have to let good people go based on not being capable of fulfilling requirements of job description.

Kitchen Manager in Pittsburgh:
Pros: I love Pittsburgh.
Cons: The traffic and long drive.

Kitchen Manager in Cedar Rapids:
Train train train. Don't forget to coach and train.

Kitchen Manager in Florida:
"Stressful and hectic, but fun."
Pros: Every day is a challenge. From being super busy and in the weeds to be being so slow that you find new projects to tackle.
Cons: My direct supervisor is condescending and overly focused on labor to the extent that it compromises our guests at times.