Kitchen Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Kitchen Manager?

Kitchen Manager in Savannah:
"It’s who you know and not who you are."
Pros: It’s small easy too meet people
Cons: That it’s small and everybody knows everybody. It’s cheap, but it’s getting expensive and the amount of pay isn’t keeping up with the way things are.

Kitchen Manager in Tampa:
"Terrible conditions overall, some gems."
Pros: St. Petersburg, Fl.
Cons: It's more about cooking in general, I've only cooked in one other region so dont like the phrasing of previous 2 questions. Also will you Hire me this is a great idea!

Kitchen Manager in Augusta:
"Stress out."
Pros: Get to create on food
Cons: People don’t want to follow rules

Kitchen Manager in Carlisle:
Pros: It’s where I live so absolutely convenience.
Cons: I don’t want to live in carlisle anymore

Kitchen Manager in Tempe:
"Tempe is great."
Pros: Its nice
Cons: Its crowded

Kitchen Manager in Dallas:
"Working in Dallas has been a wonderful experience."
Pros: The people. My customers. Fresh produce markets

Kitchen Manager in Salinas:
Pros: Environment
Cons: Living expense