Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Laborer?

Laborer in Buffalo:
"Demands a lot of work in little time for little pay."
Pros: Go out on installations and being out of the shop.
Cons: Poor management, lack of structure, and depends mainly on one customer for income.

Laborer in El Paso:
"Ups and downs."
Pros: Free time after doing a chore.
Cons: Management.

Laborer in Sioux Falls:
"Hard good work."
Pros: Always busy, good pay, and a friendly environment.
Cons: Long hours.

Laborer in Council Bluffs:
Pros: The freedom of being given a list everyday and going at your own pace.
Cons: On-call on the weekends from 7pm-7am. Get a guaranteed 2 days off once a month. Management seems to think they are better than hourly/constant harassment.

Laborer in Fort Polk:
"Pretty good job."
Pros: The hours that I work and the hours that they are open, the pay is good, and for someone like me its a good entry job, especially with my husband being in the military.

Laborer in San Francisco:
"Hard work."
Pros: Hands on.
Cons: Lifting heavy materials and cleaning.

Laborer in Boston:
"Physical hard labor."
Pros: What you work is what I get paid..
Cons: When it rains..When is slow and hurry up and wait.