Legal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistant in Houston:
"Stressful job where you have to prepare all legal documents."
Pros: I work at my own pace.
Cons: It's stressful.

Legal Assistant in Fall River:
"Court proceedings specializing in Public Housing."

Legal Assistant in Atlanta:
Pros: Humor, pay, experience, friends with the attorneys.
Cons: High volume case load, clients, office conditions, coworkers.

Legal Assistant in Houston:
Pros: The laid back of the office. Lunches on the boss twice a month.
Cons: No communication. No team effort.

Legal Assistant in Sacramento:
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my job!..."
Pros: I LOVE my job...but its mainly because I have AMAZING attorneys that I work for...and our office is great we are like a small tight knit family ...we work as a team and each of us has our own very important part we play in how each file is handled.
Cons: Ordering medical records and billing from certain hospitals in sacramento area ...grrrrr.

Legal Assistant in Marion:
"Document everything."
Document every phone call, task, conversation. Document everything time and date.

Legal Assistant in Seattle:
"Calendaring and follow-up."
To become the best legal assistant by staying motivated with a can do attitude. Also, don't be intimidated by attorneys and look for answers yourself by researching the internet and court websites for state and federal rules.