Legal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistant in Virginia Beach:
"Good Work Environment."
Pros: Hanger Law has an excellent community. Employees are cooperative rather than competitive which fosters a friendly and enjoyable environment.
Cons: After three years of experience, there has not been much room for growth in my position, nor has there been much compensation for experience.

Legal Assistant in Houston:
Cons: Time frame disorganization which leads to customers dissatisfaction.

Legal Assistant in Lynchburg:
"Learn as much as you can on each job."
Pay attention to details. Don't be afraid to ask questions, that's how you learn.

Legal Assistant in Wabash:
"Things a student never thinks of."
As a Legal Assistant, questions must be asked. Take good notes and be ready for challenges.

Legal Assistant in Providence:
"How the title never matched the job."
Get in writing what your duties are.

Legal Assistant in Raritan:
Pros: The family like atmosphere and very nice working environment, no favoritism, casual, no conflict.
Cons: Boring.

Legal Assistant in Austin:
"Walking the Plank."
Always pay attention to the details. Be prepared to be thrown some curve balls and learn as quickly as you can. Always have a notepad with you. Learn from your job and enjoy it.