Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in Daytona Beach:
"Great I love it."
Pros: Enjoy working with food. I take pridevin making the dish look great.
Cons: I would like if I were promised a full forty hour week.

Line Cook in Carson City:
"Mess up."
Pros: Coworkers. N people.
Cons: Mgrs not on same page they make the job harder than it should be.

Line Cook in Algonquin:
Pros: I like the fast paced work that I do at theThirsty Whale.
Cons: The hourly wages is the only thing I dont like.

Line Cook in San Diego:
"Never before in the industry."
Pros: I worked 25 years in the food service industry. Mostly in restaurants and hotels. Major holidays and weekends and even nights and evenings were what I worked year in and year out. I missed many, many family events working in this field. But not anymore. Now I work at a corporate account for compass group. All major holidays are paid days off. I work early morning and early afternoon hours. And best of all this is a Monday thru Friday position. And I love it.
Cons: I am a very talented chef and sometimes I feel like I'm not being challenged by my current position. There is room for advancement but I'm not being recognized for it.

Line Cook in Spring Valley:
Pros: I like the people I work with the help I get from others help me better myself for the restaurant and provide great service.
Cons: The Drama. It effects others around the work place.

Line Cook in Highlandville:
"Government info."
I'm a school lunch lady. Be there for the kids .

Line Cook in Florissant:
"Working with the people is fun, but the job not so much!"
Pros: In the time I have spent here, I have met hundreds of people, met friends, made enemy's, enjoyed relationships, and even made a life!
Cons: The job itself causes burns, wear and tear on your body, and can even stress you to the max. I even have health issues from working here too long!