Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in San Diego:
"Satisfied linecook."
Pros: The great teamwork and the urgency.
Cons: Mainly I just don't like the low pay.

Line Cook in Dallas:
"Too much work for the amount I get paid."
Pros: The shift I work & the people I work with.
Cons: The pay is ridiculous the location I work for makes more than all the stores & they pay us slave wages.

Line Cook in Sylvania:
"I grill outside and fry inside."
Pros: Eating good food and working with good people.
Cons: The stress and being unprepared for big events and people flip out.

Line Cook in Independence:
Pros: I get to make someone happy. I get to satisfy people.
Cons: I get paid minimum wage. It sucks.

Line Cook in Longmont:
"Excellent opportynity."
Pros: I like the smallness of the staff. The fact that there is ample time to give the needed attention to the personal needs of each employee. The downside being it means sometimes you are just needed and cannot miss a day. But since one can be known so personally, if time off is needed it WILL be done. We all pull together and support one another. The owners are wonderful characters, and very reasonable people who care about their employees.
Cons: Sometimes the hours are strenuous, but well recognized, and does pay off!

Line Cook in Everett:
"Line cook experience."
Pros: I enjoy the atmosphere and people I work with on a daily basis, and learning new meals with every season, and training new people.
Cons: Unfortunately we are understaffed and it makes the fun and welcoming environment stressful and hard to manage, and hours tend to be scarce in the slow seasons, when kids are in school.

Line Cook in Newburgh:
Pros: Enjoyed the people I worked with.
Cons: Very tedious for the low salary I received.