Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in Algonquin:
Pros: I like the fast paced work that I do at theThirsty Whale.
Cons: The hourly wages is the only thing I dont like.

Line Cook in Long Beach:
"Lots of work, little money."
Pros: You move around a lot.
Cons: On your feet for too many hours and feeling like your job is meaningless.

Line Cook in Minneapolis:
"Multitasking hard at times."
Pros: Morning setting up everything.
Cons: Not enough employees.

Line Cook in Staley:
Pros: The thing that I like most about my job would be the people that I'm around they are like family. That's about it though.
Cons: Almost everything, they are unfair to their workers. Unprofessional and just run a bad business trying to save themselves all of the money that they can and make us work harder for nothing.

Line Cook in Durham:
"Working lots of hours."
Pros: Makeing the customers happy and knowing I am doing the best of my abilities.
Cons: No benefits and work over 65hrs every week and I don't have a life.