Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in Seguin:
Pros: Managing two nights a week and cooking.
Cons: The pay for the amount of work being done.

Line Cook in San Diego:
"Satisfied linecook."
Pros: The great teamwork and the urgency.
Cons: Mainly I just don't like the low pay.

Line Cook in Gainesville:
Listen listen listen. Watch watch watch then do do do.

Line Cook in New York:
Pros: Its not a hard kitchen.
Cons: They have very bad food expo. Management at my store don not have much restaurant experience.

Line Cook in Dallas:
"Too much work for the amount I get paid."
Pros: The shift I work & the people I work with.
Cons: The pay is ridiculous the location I work for makes more than all the stores & they pay us slave wages.

Line Cook in Sylvania:
"I grill outside and fry inside."
Pros: Eating good food and working with good people.
Cons: The stress and being unprepared for big events and people flip out.

Line Cook in Baton Rouge:
"Factory line style cooking."
Pros: The promise of a chance to move up, steady pay check with decent binefits. I like the corporate safety net compared to privately owned restaurants.
Cons: The lack of skill needed. The way the service is pressured more by time rather than quality. Being under appreciated.