Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in La Habra:
"It's good but stressful at times."
Pros: Serving people and coworkers.
Cons: The unhealthy food managers.

Line Cook in Buffalo:
Work hard never give up and dont come in if you dont wanna be here.

Line Cook in Rochester:
"Not good."
Pros: Fast paced challenging environment. The hot servers aren't bad either.
Cons: Fast paced challenging environment. Everyone wants everything now. Make sure you time everything perfect though.

Line Cook in Kissimmee:
Pros: I enjoy to see how hard we were hit with tickets and everyone work together to make it happen.seems people enjoy no only the food but the bar, music and the entire environment as well.
Cons: Couple people didn't know how to work as a team but thanks God does were the less.

Line Cook in Las Vegas:
"Come to work ready to learn."
Sometimes as a cook you need to know when to keep your head down and cook. Not every situation warrants a reaction, but if you come to work with a good attitude and a desire to learn you will be OK.

Line Cook in Columbia:
"Talent buried by age."
Pros: I love the fast pace environment of restaurants. Its a chance for me to show my skills and what ive learned as a culinarian.
Cons: Sometimes I feel like im undervalued for the amount of work and quality of work I do. I feel like my age is a big factor when dealing with new jobs.

Line Cook in Philadelphia:
Pros: Creating my food with passion. Making everything from scratch.
Cons: There is nothing I don't like about my job except the long hours some days.