Machinist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist?

Machinist in Scottdale:
"Harder Than It Looks."
Pros: The great people I work with daily.
Cons: The heat, lack of recognition, rate of pay, style of paying vacation, childlike way management treats you, lack of reward, lack of safety standards, stress level.

Machinist in Neenah:
"Minimal supevision."
Pros: Laid back.
Cons: Management's lack of organization and its employees do not get a reasonable wage.

Machinist in Mukilteo:
"Working As A Machinist Is Awesome! I Love It."
Pros: It keeps you on your toes! Its a very challenging job and requires your focus, even after you've done it for years.
Cons: I hate sample plans, and always getting cut up from metal chips and burrs.