Machinist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist?

Machinist in Jacksonville:
"Repetitive and physically tiring."
Pros: I have a set schedule and know that I will have 40 hours a week paid.
Cons: I'm not paid enough for the work I put out compared to others.

Machinist in Tampa:
"End mill operator."
Pros: Job security. Able to move around.
Cons: Repitition.

Machinist in Stephenville:
"It's nice."
Pros: The work environment is good, work is flexible with employees, benefits are nice.
Cons: The company is top heavy and it is hard to move up.

Machinist in St. Louis:
"Tedious work."
Pros: I get to have good set hours. Also I enjoy setting up a new job and seeing the end result.
Cons: Sometimes the repetitiveness gets old. And at my current job the parts we make can be very small.

Machinist in Clarksville:
"Great Job if we had better leadership, flexiblility."
Pros: Learning new things every day.
Cons: No management, no idea how to run a business.

Machinist in Monona:
Pros: Nice enviroment , good people, job satisfaction.
Cons: Do not like working second shift.

Machinist in Holland:
"Love my job."
Pros: Family owned company.
Cons: I wish there were clear lines of communication.