Machinist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist?

Machinist in Houston:
"How's the Pay?!"
Make sure you're getting paid what you deserve to get paid because you're helping them gain financial profit DAILY!!! The rich get richer while the poor gets the crumbs & scraps!

Machinist in Newport News:
Get your money up front or you may never get paid what you are worth. Stay away from unions, they are just bad for everything and don't look out for everyone and protect the lazy.

Machinist in Elkhart:
Learn what you can when you can! You'll learn new things everyday keep an open mind to how other people do things to create your own style of machining. Best way to start into machining is from manual machines. Get comfortable with tooling and knowing how it feels to actually cut metal.

Machinist in Monona:
Pros: Nice enviroment , good people, job satisfaction.
Cons: Do not like working second shift.

Machinist in St. Louis:
"Take Your Time, Have Patience."
Learn all you can about new tools and technologies to make your job easier to achieve. Have patience running older worn out equipment. Get on the old timers good side and be a team player.

Machinist in Holland:
"Love my job."
Pros: Family owned company.
Cons: I wish there were clear lines of communication.

Machinist in Detroit:
Learn cnc & cad asap.