Machinist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist?

Machinist in Charleston:
"There isn't a set pay rate per position."
Don't sell yourself short starting out demand the top dollar you can get to start with because it's unlikely your employer if they're like mine will reward you accordingly. We don't even have a yearly review you just get a raise or you don't it may be 50 cents it may be $2.00 an hour it may be nothing!

Machinist in Atlanta:
Pros: Everything about my job is outstanding.
Cons: Mostly just certain people that don't do there job.

Machinist in 19380:
Work toward a bachelors degree if at all possible.

Machinist in Oklahoma City:
All ways be open to new ways.

Machinist in Statesville:
"To be more fluid with speeds and feeds."
Notes.... Write yourself notes about how metal responds the different things.

Machinist in Verona:
Listen and learn from the people that have been there working for a while. School does not mean you know best.

Machinist in Mansfield:
Pros: Rewarding, fun, you can do it your way, you can make anything you want.
Cons: Low pay.