Machinist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist?

Machinist in Mesa:
Pros: Gas is cheaper. Easy freeway access.
Cons: Some bad parts. Tends to have above average traffic.

Machinist in Tallassee:
Pros: Close to home and the pay is good.
Cons: There is nothing bad I can say about it.

Machinist in Puyallup:
"Deadlines, perfection."
Be quick, Think fast, walk like you have a meaning, no cell phone, and keep positive mistakes happen.

Machinist in Fort Worth:
"How much money a machinst make."
Pros: Finishing a job and working with people.
Cons: Company needs to up grade tools and machines.

Machinist in Bozeman:
"Simple work. Low stress."
Pros: Free coffee. All tools provided. Every friday we order from a restaurant.
Cons: The coolant smells awful and gets everywhere.

Machinist in Memphis:
"I like working in memphis, tn, it is a great place to work."
Pros: It's home.
Cons: Low saleries.

Machinist in Detroit:
"Live to work/work to live."
Know what type of schedule your target company keeps, they vary greatly. Privately held companies tend to work a lot of overtime which is great for compensation but, terrible for life outside of work. To be honest since the 2008-2010 downturn most companies fall into this trend since skilled labor seems to be difficult to come by.