Maintenance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Manager?

Maintenance Manager in Winchester:
"Not much to do."
Pros: Economy is strong
Cons: Not much to do but work

Maintenance Manager in Chandler:
"Service Provided is Unequaled."
Pros: Great City
Cons: It's Hot

Maintenance Manager in Decatur:
"Not exciting."
Pros: the people
Cons: the area and lack of extra activities

Maintenance Manager in Anchorage:
"I am surrounded by strong healthy people."
Pros: The satff here at CHA is comprised of strong healthy people who are growing and helping me grow stronger and wiser.
Cons: One man operation gets tiring sometimes, difficulties scheduling time off.

Maintenance Manager in Dillon:
"Cost of living, housing a problem."
Pros: Summer, activity’s to do year round.
Cons: Long winters.

Maintenance Manager in Tampa:
Work hard and treat employees with respect. Keep a balance between the company and employees. Do everything you can to help team member suceed. Be accurate when bidding work out. Follow up with team members and follow through with work assignments.Be willing to work late and/or when it warrants working weekends. Foster a positive work attitude ,be willing to engage in all aspects of the job in an effort to get the best results.

Maintenance Manager in Oklahoma City:
Pros: I find it rewarding meeting the need of others.
Cons: Low pay scale.