Maintenance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Manager?

Maintenance Manager in Appleton:
"Great city."
Pros: quick commute
Cons: It gets cold in winter

Maintenance Manager in Manitou:
"They take advantage of people who are great at their job."
Don't try and micro manage , trust in the people in front of you and give them constructive criticism only if necessary.

Maintenance Manager in Burns Harbor:
"Power Station."
Pros: The people and the ever changing environment.
Cons: Working with hourly people and not given the back up to discipline.

Maintenance Manager in Nashville:
Cons: The traffic is terrible depending on location and rent is insanely high.

Maintenance Manager in Statesville:
Pros: Small community not long drive friendly people.
Cons: Not many good manufacturing jobs.

Maintenance Manager in Columbus:
"Busy Area."
Pros: Flexible schedule and good climate.
Cons: People are generally unhappy and mean.

Maintenance Manager in Phoenix:
Pay attention to details and listen to line workers.