Maintenance Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Supervisor?

Maintenance Supervisor in bracey:
"That the pay would stay the same."

Maintenance Supervisor in New York:
Pros: What I like the most is interacting with our clients and hearing them say how much the gym classes has change their life style.
Cons: The bad would have to say dealing with co-workers who dont work hard enough and are always complaining how tired they are when there are more people who are willing to do anything to have their job.

Maintenance Supervisor in Weston:
Pros: Schools.
Cons: Cost of living.

Maintenance Supervisor in Columbus:
"It's a working man's city."
Pros: It's paradise compared to coming from Cincinnati.But living in Cincinnati prepared me to go anywhere in the country and make it. Which made coming to columbus a breeze I was able to capitalize on opportunities immediately.
Cons: I'm isolated from family and if something goes wrong I'm on my own.Which makes me only focus on work and nothing else.

Maintenance Supervisor in Geneva:
"The accurate cost of health insurance and pay raise."
Too much work for 1 person, salary is very low considering the health insurance is expensive with a 2600.00 deductible.

Maintenance Supervisor in Phoenix:
"Hostel residents."
Never ask your employees to do something your not willing to do yourself. Lead by example!!

Maintenance Supervisor in Atlanta:
"Very stressful, and not very rewarding."
Get your job description in writing, consider the hours. Always find out the comand structure, who is over you and your budget. Make sure you know if it's a working or management supervisor. Find out if you are the person respondsable for after hour calls and emergencys.