Maintenance Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Supervisor?

Maintenance Supervisor in Jacksonville:
"Not good at all. If you aren't affiliated with the military."
Pros: I'm near my family. Love the beach.
Cons: Pay scale is terrible. Not much culture in the area. Most jobs are part time.

Maintenance Supervisor in Boston:
Pros: Place people I work with.
Cons: Not enough time off, or sick time no PPO.

Maintenance Supervisor in Corona:
"Nice place to live."
Pros: Wether
Cons: To far from my house

Maintenance Supervisor in Blackwood:
Pros: The people I provide my service for it's very rewarding.
Cons: Long hours at salary rate.

Maintenance Supervisor in Honolulu:
"The weather is great."
Pros: The weather is fantastic. Rainbows.
Cons: The job. Going to work.Why work here?

Maintenance Supervisor in Harrisburg:
"Be prepared to be flexible."
Give yourself time to evaluate all options before you act. Listen to options from others even those who are not your peers.

Maintenance Supervisor in Mesa:
"It's a great area with good weather."
Pros: It's a large city with a small city feel. With a moderate cost of living.
Cons: Employees are not always appreciated as they should.