Management Consultant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Management Consultant?

Management Consultant in Minneapolis, Minnesota:
"Work in the Drug Wholesale Industry."
Pros: Plenty of opportunities
Cons: 4th highest tax state in the country

Management Consultant in Washington:
"All about the government."
Pros: City culture, opportunities to hear interesting people like Condoleeza Rice to the Dalai Lama talk about amazing topics.
Cons: Almost all work revolves around the government and if you haven't been a staffer or in the military, interesting jobs are limited.

Management Consultant in Washington:
"Great city a price."
Pros: Washington has all the perks of a big city, while still being small and evolving constantly. There's a lot of green space and it's easy to get outside of the city when you want to go hiking or exploring. It's also easy to travel to/from DC as most major cities have flights to DC.
Cons: It's expensive. I've gotten used to paying $100 for a dinner for two, even at average places. People are constantly coming and going too, making it challenging to develop a core community of friends. Everyone is very work-oriented and driven, so they're moving around a lot.

Management Consultant in Palo Alto:
"Keep our option open."
Active in profwessional association.

Management Consultant in Washington:
"Diverse Work, Homogenous Workforce."
Pros: The diversity of client work is appealing. Depending on your company, you can have access to subject matter experts across a multitude of industries.
Cons: Minority Talent is not sought after or developed appropriately. As a minority you find yourself working doubly hard for the same opportunities and treatment as your coworkers. Management Consulting firms lack the workforce diversity you'd find at other workplaces. The lack of diversity of thought and experience can stifle a consultancies ability to positively disrupt in a focal industry or engagement.

Management Consultant in San Diego:
Pros: I like San Diego as a place to live and emphsis on work life balance, no traffic, happy people, fitness emphasis.
Cons: The poor job market, the low salaries, rising cost of living.

Management Consultant in New York:
"Diversity and things to do."
Pros: Many activities and many young professionals.
Cons: Too crowded.