Management Consultant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Management Consultant?

Management Consultant in Seattle:
"A lot of responsibility, not a real seat at the table."

Management Consultant in Shamokin:
"Over work under paid."
Pros: Local to home and some places work with flexability.
Cons: Pay and hours dont always match, back pay takes to long.

Management Consultant in Livonia:
"Interesting work, employees I supervise are frustrating."
Pros: Very flexible company, good opportunity for growth, executives are extremely helpful and perceptive.
Cons: Many management gaps and flaws. Almost not enough control over processes and goals.

Management Consultant in Charlotte:
Pros: You develop in your career far quicker than going through industry.
Cons: The hours and lack of a true work-life balance.

Management Consultant in Walnut Creek:
Pros: Flexibility, downtime, ability to navigate through different progjects.
Cons: Repetitive work that is often grunt work.

Management Consultant in Atlanta:
"Good culture, perks, and challenging work."
Pros: Good culture, vision and mission but still at high level. Did not trickle down to day to day routine.
Cons: Hiper growth strategy results in focus on numbers only. Put culture at risk.

Management Consultant in Cleveland:
"Great corporate culture with high stress levels."
Pros: The corporate SecureState is pretty amazing. While the work is intense, we live by the "Work hard, Play hard" mentality.
Cons: A year at SecureState is like two years at any other job.