Manufacturing Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Manufacturing Engineer?

Manufacturing Engineer in Carbondale:
"Fast paced, safe environment."
Pros: My job is fairly secure and I enjoy the people I work with as well as the experiences.
Cons: Automotive manufacturing is very stressful.

Manufacturing Engineer in Erie:
"Manufacturing Engineer for New Product Introduction."
Pros: Fun, different things every day and always busy.
Cons: 100% of my work is because other people were too lazy to do their own jobs.

Manufacturing Engineer in Auburn Hills:
"Exceed my expectation."
Pros: They care about people.

Manufacturing Engineer in Whitewater:
"School or work experience."
I started on the shop floor and feel that has aided in my current position, but I am pursuing my bachelors degree now.

Manufacturing Engineer in Windom:
"Work Hard."
Work hard and try to do an internship with some company. Document all you do so you can talk about it in interviews.

Manufacturing Engineer in Cleveland:
Pros: Challenging work atmosphere.
Cons: Stressful at time. Too much bureaucracy.

Manufacturing Engineer in Santa Clara:
"Mechanical Engineer with 6 years total engineering experienc."