Manufacturing Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Manufacturing Engineer?

Manufacturing Engineer in Erie:
"Manufacturing Engineer for New Product Introduction."
Pros: Fun, different things every day and always busy.
Cons: 100% of my work is because other people were too lazy to do their own jobs.

Manufacturing Engineer in Santa Clara:
"Mechanical Engineer with 6 years total engineering experienc."

Manufacturing Engineer in Cleveland:
Pros: Challenging work atmosphere.
Cons: Stressful at time. Too much bureaucracy.

Manufacturing Engineer in San Diego:
"Small fish big ocean."
Pros: Most people are fairly happy to be at work.
Cons: Small site in a big company. Too hard to progress in career and keep loosing benefits.

Manufacturing Engineer in Orem:
"Creative Challenging Work."
Pros: The opportunity to solve complex problems in fast moving environment with good people.
Cons: Politics.