Manufacturing Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Manufacturing Engineer?

Manufacturing Engineer in San Luis Potosí:
"My job."
Pros: I like talk and learn about new things, products and people. I always am looking for new challenges and try to give the best of me.
Cons: I don't like my boss, he is not a good coordinator and always steal ideas.

Manufacturing Engineer in Kent:
Pros: Laid back, lots of overtime if you want it.
Cons: Terrible vacation time, too much overtime. Terrible pay.

Manufacturing Engineer in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Opportunities to play outside. World class entertainment.
Cons: Smog.

Manufacturing Engineer in Cincinnati:
"Fast growing, but many small issues."
Pros: The People make my job a lot better. I work with some very nice and helpful people. The company is growing very very fast.
Cons: Since the company is growing so fast, there are a lot of basic processes that are not universal. Every group in the company does everything different, and it makes it very hard to move forward if no one knows how other groups handle business.

Manufacturing Engineer in Lewisburg:
"Something New Everyday."
Pros: The variety of work, the ability to work with people on the production floor, as well as in Engineering, Design, Marketing, and Sales departments.
Cons: Complacency in Senior Management. We could be a lot better off than we are if people were still willing to put in some effort and calculated risk.

Manufacturing Engineer in Kerkhoven:
"Change your career choise."
If I had known back when I went to ndscs what I know now I would of picked a different career.

Manufacturing Engineer in Ogden:
"Great job."
Pros: It is a great job that has essentially raised me. Love the work.
Cons: I want to progress faster and it seems like I can't.