Manufacturing Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Manufacturing Engineer?

Manufacturing Engineer in Corona:
"Not crowded."
Pros: The people are nice and it's not crowded.
Cons: There isn't anything bad. It's getting overpopulated.

Manufacturing Engineer in Boise:
"Great People."
Pros: Support from management/ownership is great. Lots of opportunity to improve operations and have an impact.
Cons: Older facility, limited office space, few conveniences.

Manufacturing Engineer in Bird in Hand:
Pros: Its basic. Nothing special here.
Cons: There is not much here. Very basic.

Manufacturing Engineer in Tupelo:
"Cost of living is cheap; little to no traffic."
Pros: Cost of living is cheap; little to no traffic.
Cons: Small city, not a whole lot to do, you have to commute to enjoy a good weekend.

Manufacturing Engineer in Elkhart:
Pros: Parks, recreation, bike trails.
Cons: Commute time, winter weather.

Manufacturing Engineer in Kalamazoo:
"Tooling and manufacturing engineer."
Pros: Corporate culture, working environment, management, empowering employees.
Cons: Stressful, poor payscale.

Manufacturing Engineer in Herndon:
Pros: It's technical and I can be a part of improvements.
Cons: Not enough pay. CEO is not good.