Marketing Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Associate?

Marketing Associate in Napa:
"Marketing Associate Pay Scale Review."
Pros: The friendly atmosphere and manageable work flexibility.
Cons: I want to move up and make more money.

Marketing Associate in Las Vegas:
"Corporate culture, work flexibility, stress level, fair pay."
Pros: Very flexible and able to grow in the company.
Cons: Not enough pay. Not much of responsibilities given.

Marketing Associate in San Francisco:
"Exciting, Challenging, Constantly Changing, Fast."
Pros: I've taken on the leadership role and have the ability to create and implement my own ideas. Organizing events from start to finish and being able to analyze the returns on investments. Eventually learning what works and what has not.
Cons: Not enough people to delegate tasks to. I need more power, and lead way to get things done quicker and more efficiently.

Marketing Associate in Watsonville:
"Entry Level."
Pros: It's a great way to gain experience in something with tangible skill sets. I'm learning HTML coding, inbound marketing practices, and general office etiquette.
Cons: After being promoted from Intern to Associate, I often am still viewed as the intern and as a result take a low priority. Poor communication facilitated this, combined with a poor understanding of what it is I actually do.

Marketing Associate in Freeport:
"Love It."
Pros: I get to work on projects I am passionate about and with a variety of different partners. I love the perks of working with numerous external partners. My clients have become great friends.
Cons: The work comes in ebbs and flows - sometimes it is calm and manageable, while other times it's chaotic and demanding.